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ACUPRESSURE is the most ancient and widely uses medical method. By using fingers to pressing on the body to reduce stress, improve blood circulation and eliminate sickness.

By massaging the acupuncture point to activate the qi of nei lu jing li. Pressing the acupuncture point softly to unblock the meridian, the body will become balanced and thereby to reduce the uncomfortable feeling.

Advantages of Acupressure

  • Activate your Qi and Blood Circulation
  • Regulate your Qi and Blood
  • Dredge the body meridians

Acupressure Course

Acupressure course will be taught by our professional

Course Prerequisite

  • Those who interested
  • Who want to improve one self and relatives health status
  • Interested in acupressure
  • Must know basic Chinese language (the course will be conduct in Chinese language)

Course Objective

  • Understand human body meridian system
  • Understand acupuncture principle
  • How to find acupuncture principle
  • Mastered Acupressure technique
  • Health start from meridian

Course Scope

  • The basic concept of Meridian and acupuncture point
  • Different type of meridian and function
  • The influences of acupressure toward the organ
  • The acupressure point
  • The correct concept of Tuina (Therapeutic Massage)
  • Practical exercises

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